#3 Piece of Advice For SMBs is Hire a Professional Marketing Agency

In our online poll of a few weeks ago, we asked what the best piece of advice a SMB owner needs to help them grow their business and the third highest response was “hire a professional marketing agency”.

As the owner of a professional marketing agency, I feel a little biased writing an article about this topic from my perspective, so I decided to let a third party address this week’s topic and found this fantastic article from Brianna Smith at Fpweb.net. 

In this article entitled “The Modern Marketer”, she outlines, in what I feel is a humourous way, just exactly what it takes to be successful marketer today:


Want to be a marketer? Well, make sure you know what it truly means. To become a successful marketer it is no longer about developing a catchy ad campaign that you will shout from the roof tops. Marketing has evolved into a combination of artistry and science. The modern marketer must have a strategic and analytical mind dedicated to measurable metrics but that is always craving a creative outlet.

Take a look at what you need to be a successful modern marketer in the infographic below. A marketer must:

  • Be a creative writer
  • Have an eye for great visual content
  • Understand the power of social media for engaging with consumers
  • Live by the rules and best practices of email marketing
  • Be Dedicated to tracking and measuring all marketing efforts
  • Enjoy using analytics tools to understand data and visualize trends
  • Be a budgeting maven
  • Never stop looking for new tools and resources to understand consumers

But, even though being a modern marketer means not thinking like the advertising minds of the Mad Men characters, it does not mean you can’t dress like them!

6a00e54ee3905b8833017d428025a6970c With all that is involved in being a successful marketer today, it is no wonder why hiring a professional agency is top of mind and solid advice for SMB owners.


Do you have a marketing agency working for you?  Would you ever consider hiring one and if so, what aspects of your marketing do you feel an agency could help you with?  I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.


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