About Us


CreativeWorks Marketing is an award-winning agency that excels in market research and strategic marketing to help businesses understand what makes them unique and how to truly achieve their marketing goals.

Our trusted process is based on market research, so we can focus on creating pinpointed brand messaging.

At CreativeWorks Marketing, our experts provide you with the strategy, direction, and consumer insights needed to define your target audience, resulting in a clearly defined brand value.

With our full range of marketing services, from strategy creation, research, and planning through to campaign kick-offs, deployment and management – we will improve your marketing with proven results.  It’s what we do, and we do it well!

We put your brand on the map while increasing leads and measuring results. Our objective is to help your audience understand the value of your brand and the points of differentiation from your competitors.

At CreativeWorks we have a proven track record of delivering leading strategies that maximize impact, reach and effectiveness for any business. Call us today to see how your marketing budget can go further than you thought!

CreativeWorks Awards
Hermes Awards – 2015 – Market Research and Strategy
Hermes Awards – 2014 – Branding
Hermes Awards – 2013 – Branding
MarCom Awards – 2013 – Branding
MarCom Awards – 2012 – Branding
Hermes Award – 2012 – Branding
Empix Award – 2011
Pixie Award – 2011
Ava Award – 2010
Hermes Award – 2009
Hermes Award – 2009
Crystal Vision Award 2005 – 2008

Our Clients Include


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