Unplugging vs. Staying Connected

The term “unplugged” used to refer to when a really cool artist would play live on an acoustic guitar, possibly without his or her band. Today, the term “unplugged” has come to mean “not being connected to the Internet”, which doesn’t sound quite as pleasurable.

Reflecting back on summer traveling trips a few years ago, I can’t help but compare those times to now, and how reliant we have all become on being “plugged in”. No matter where you go on a vacation these days, you can connect to the internet, albeit with periodic bouts of great frustration. But the desire to connect is always satisfied with even rudimentary connection.

What would traveling these days be if it weren’t for the ability to instantly upload your images to your Facebook page, or post them to your own website, or sharing interface? If there are no pictures to upload, it seems we need to Skype to stay connected to our friends and family. In fact, even if you are on a biblical tour in Israel, the donkeys you ride on are equipped with WiFi around their necks, so you can instantly upload pictures while experiencing sites noted in the Old Testament.

Is there anywhere in the world where you can actually be unplugged? The simple answer is: yes. You can do it anywhere. If you want to be unplugged, and can stave off the feeling like something is missing, then do it. Maybe you can smell some flowers, and not feel the need to share that experience with others. Or maybe that’s what we have become – a world that feels a need to share everything, and where we’re happy that we are all so plugged in.

I am not sure what this all means, and if it’s good or bad is still yet to be written. One thing is for sure – never has there ever been a time in my history where we have had such a strong need to stay plugged in or connected. We call that connection the Internet. Maybe, in years to come, we will stay connected via teleportation. Who knows?

Enjoy the last few days of this summer, everyone!

Got any tips on how to unplug? Feel free to share them below.


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