A “Green Apple” takes a stab at Samsung on Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day, marking the day recognized around the world where events are held in support of environmental protection and promoting awareness for green initiatives.

Apple Inc. is often commended for its focus on green initiatives and manufacturing practices, this year making a big PR push on Earth Day to highlight its efforts to help with gadget recycling, to use renewable energy, and generally create an impression that it is the leading eco-friendly tech company*.

We’re wondering if green is also the colour of revenge today, as Apple launches a full-page newspaper ad “inviting” competitors to adopt their sustainability strategy like they copy Apple’s hardware and software designs.










“There are some ideas we want every company to copy.”

While many companies are considered guilty of infringing on features of Apple devices, this ad is most likely targeted towards Samsung as the month-long patent trial continues between the two companies.

With the focus on sustainable practices and making the world a greener place, is Earth Day the right time to release a smear ad on a competitor? Shouldn’t the focus remain on the goal of heightening awareness about the environment?

What do you think about Apple’s ad? Timely and appropriate for the day? Or generating  unwarranted attention? I look forward to your thoughts below.