Planning Your Marketing is Like Planning Your Summer Vacation

Have you thought about your summer vacation plans yet? Apply that same, keen knack for planning to your Marketing strategy!

CreativeWorks Marketing


You may have heard many marketers refer to marketing strategies as road maps – but why?  What’s with this analogy and what does it really mean?

The analogy is supposed to be a simple way to describe that a strategy has many steps and is a process for your marketing. The road map was used because it illustrates how a marketing strategy is like a plan of how you are going to reach your destination.

I often encounter business owners who need help planning their marketing and understanding why they need a strategy. As it is summer, in this week’s blog I have decided to turn the analogy of a marketing strategy “road map” into how you would plan your summer vacation.

Planning your Vacation/Marketing:

  1. Vacation plan: Decide on where you want to go.
    Marketing interpretation: Decide on your overall and campaign-specific marketing goals and objectives.
  2. Vacation plan: Decide who…

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