Shouldn’t My Marketing Increase My Sales?


There is a misconception out there that if you have an amazing marketing strategy that it will yield results. As the owner of a marketing agency, let me bring some clarity to this assumption. It is not the strategy alone that will yield results, but rather the implementation, measurement and your own internal sales process that helps drive the success of your company’s overall growth.

It is often the case, that once a strategy is complete, a company owner checks it off the list of things they need to get done, and then waits to see the money roll in… don’t laugh, I see it all the time!

Your marketing strategy is the plan, no doubt about it. Your plan will yield results IF and ONLY if your sales process kicks into action to allow for actual conversion to sales opportunities.

For example, you may have outlined in your strategy an objective to increase lead generation and, as a result, you create an online marketing solution that includes an email blast to a targeted audience with a link to a landing page and a downloadable “special offer” in exchange for customer information.  This campaign is a perfect example of a tactic one might find in a marketing strategy.  Do these types of tactics work? If by “work” you mean they help generate leads, then, yes! But if by work you mean result in a conversion and a new client, this is what falls outside of marketing and lies under “sales” approach.

Marketing is a tool that helps lead your customers to your front door, or starts a conversation with a customer, but it does NOT close the deal.  Marketing’s job is to communicate the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of influencing buyer behavior and/or precipitate behavioral change.

If your marketing tactics are not working, yes you do need to look at your strategy, but depending on what exactly is not working, you might need to look at your sales process and how well it fulfills your marketing strategy.

Here are a few tips I’d like to share with you to help your company better align roles and responsibilities for your sales and marketing efforts:

  1. How do you handle leads?  When a new lead is brought in, how does your company pursue it?
  2. Is a new lead given to the sales manager or to individual sales people?
  3. Who is responsible for the leads?
  4. Do you have a sales process for new leads? Does it include the number of follow up calls and when a lead is considered closed and a no sale.
  5. If a lead does not result in a sale, is this information shared with your marketing team who created the marketing tactic?
  6. Do you have a campaign assessment with the sales and marketing tram to determine what worked and what didn’t work for a specific audience and also review conversion rates?

Strengthening relationships with current clients and generating new leads is a process and all the steps of the process are essential for success. Have you implemented a lead-conversion mechanism into your strategy? I look forward to hearing how you turn your audience into clients in the comments below!

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