Steps of the Branding Process – Starting From Step 1: Strategy

I came across this fabulous infographic that visually captures exactly what I cover in my weekly blogs: the idea that good marketing begins with a strategy.

Some of the stats here are also quite interesting, though keep in mind the sources quoted are a couple of years old.

What I particularly want to draw your attention to, besides the fact that everything begins with a marketing strategy, is how all marketing tactics are linked either directly or indirectly. This diagram is to marketers what a skeleton is to doctors – the strategy is connected to the plan, the plan is connected to the logo, and the logo is connected to the website, etc. (sung to the theme of “the shank bone is connected to the thigh bone”). You get the idea. Together all the parts make up a successful marketing approach.


Was this infographic helpful?  Did it give you a visual to better understand how all the pieces fit together? I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.



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